Model No.︰ec-09


Country of Origin︰India

Unit Price︰US $ 100 / pc

Minimum Order︰500 pc

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Product Description

The e-charkha is a unique device to spin yarn and also generate electricity.

When the user operates the 'charkha' apart from Yarn production electricity is also generated this is stored in a battery.

A high efficiency LED lamp is also provided along with the unit, this light can be used from the stored electricity.

One hour of charkha use can provide upto 4 hours of light output. A radio can also be played with the stored electricity.

specifications︰ 2 spindle e-charkha wioth electrical generation and storage mecahnism.

Advantages︰ Helps in providing employemnet and also a light for the poor in deep and remote villages of country.

Ity is truly an 'Empowerment in a Box '

Export Markets︰ India, US, Africa, Bangladesh

Pricing︰ US 100

Payment Details︰ By 100% TT

Min Order︰ 500 units

Ship Date︰ Within 45 days

Standard Met︰ Local